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Post2162681419201109508..comments2017-11-27T04:17:35.427-08:00Lolo,1999:blog-1857667059778816807. post-41330318247865811992017-11-25T14:00:17.699-08:002017-11-25T14:00:17.699-08:00Thanks for checking out our gift guide! Cinelinx …Thanks for checking out our gift guide!

Cinelinx is a game we happened upon while researching movie games. We't never played with it, but it sounds like a fantastic moment! If you lived closer to us, then we can take a stab in it all together! :-RRB-Lolo,1999:blog-1857667059778816807. post-16046809089536566512017-11-24T19:10:33.874-08:002017-11-24T19:10:33.874-08:00What a excellent idea! Tons of great ideas, than…What a excellent thought! Tons of great ideas, thanks! Baby Driver's going to be the only one I buy, although I might purchase Cinelinx some time down the road. Have you ever played that you? Sounds like a game I'd love! Only problem will be getting somebody to play me, hahaha. 5 Minute Movie Guy

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