Will “K-Pop Star 6” Winner Boyfriend Sign With YG Entertainment?

“K-Place Star 6” lately found a finish using the youthful mixture Sweetheart (Park Hyun Jin, Kim Jong Seob) getting the ultimate gain, and audiences are interested regarding what’s next for that team.

Particularly considering the fact that both would be the newest participants actually to get the audition plan, at eleven yrs old, they might emerge of another end-of instruction with another design than was proven in “K-Pop-Star,” based on the company they decide to signal with.



Reviews are betting the mixture may visit YG. Hyun Suk herself, after efficiency about the plan, offered the most 100 factors to the team and said “I wish to introduction [Sweetheart] with YG. [Sweetheart] makes me wish to attempt anything fresh. Both might become like GD and Taeyang.”

Nevertheless, a supply from YG was hesitant to verify the news headlines, merely stating, “Because the people of Sweetheart are children, we’re presently in conversations using their parents.” the origin stated that YG may usually help the mixture aside from their ultimate decision: “We believe the members’ views as well as their favored options of companies may be the most significant. Even when they don’t indication with YG, we shall usually desire them the best.”

PD Sung Hoon of “K- spoke concerning the youthful set: “When Sweetheart is watched by you off-stage, they’re like infants. Nevertheless when each goes on, they oppose all of your assumptions that they’relizabeth small and timid. As well as their rehearsals are extremely distinctive from their shows that are live. They’ve the capability to genuinely have fun on-stage. They reminded everyone why it’s very important to appreciate performing.”

View Boyfriend’s ultimate efficiency on “K-Place Star” below.