Downton Abbey actress Phyllis Logan Shows truth about movie and admits ‘strong element’ is holding Back Film

Downton Abbey fans are desperate to know whether or not a large screen version of the ITV series is happening.

The final episode was the most-watched TV series on Christmas Day in 2015, but has since sparked speculation regarding whether it is going to return for a movie.

Downton star Phyllis Logan, who performs Mrs Hughes in the drama, has shown that a film is on the cards and said “the will is most surely there” from everyone involved in the series.

But, Phyllis admitted a “powerful element” blocking an effort to make a movie is getting each of the renowned cast back together.

Phyllis Logan shown the facts about a possible Downton Abbey film

She performed housekeeper Mrs Hughes from the much-loved drama

When asked if the film had been granted the go ahead, she said: “would not it be wonderful. The will is surely there form the standpoint of everyone. Lets hope it could actually happen.”

Speaking on ITV’s Lorraine, Phyllis was inquired whether getting each of the cast, who have gone on to acting roles that were large , back together was a stumbling block to making a picture.

She said: “Of course that is 1 element. That is a powerful element to it but theres other facets too which have to be sorted out but fingers crossed.

“I need one final hurrah. I would like to do this.”

Phyllis would love to Participate in a film adaptation

The ITV period drama final aired in 2015

Phyllis admitted that she doesn’t get fed up of individuals coming her – even when they call her Mrs Hughes.

The actress, who played the housekeeper, is pleased with her role in the series and would like to perform on a film project.

10 million — observed the series — which finished after six series with the closing garnering over 12 million viewers in the UK, from the usa.

The Downton cast have a WhatsApp team collectively

But once it arrived off air the cast have set up a WhatsApp group and continued to meet up with each other.

Phyllis included: “And we all had a reunion in the end of this past year. It was wonderful seeing everyone together.”

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