Film review: Khushmeet Gill is Your star rising out of a film that is sweet

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Sweta Kaushal

Khusmeet Gill plays the lead role in Amol Gupte’s Sniff.

Khusmeet Gill plays an integral role in the Sniff of Amol Gupte.

    Amole Gupte
    Present: Khushmeet Gill, Manmeet Singh, Surekha Sikri, Sushmita Mukherjee
    Rating: 3/5

    Famous for his children’s movies, Amol Gupte’s most current offering – Sniff – that hits theatres on Friday offers a sweet insight to kids’ world to us.

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    Sniff is the story of Sunny Gill (Khushmeet Gill) that cannot smell. An accident at a college laboratory leads to unpredictable outcomes of blending components and our hero is treated. Not only does he smell roses and the pickles made in his family factory, he can smell items up to two km! He uses his ability to fix a car theft case forms region of the story.

    Gupte has placed the kid’s story in a Mumbai home society in which every part of India’s motto is observable. There is a Punjabi family (Lively, his grandmom played by TV star Surekha Sikri, sister and dad), a Bengali family (Sushmita Mukherjee playing a cop and her husband) and some Marathi families living together in the society.

    The filmmaker created premise and the plot mixing in second information of also the protagonist’s family and also the entire society. The group of talented actors cast in the movie simply add to the credibility of the story.

    When Sunny’s sister sneaks out for secret meetings with her boyfriend and a neighbor (Putul Guha playing Sushmita’s husband) chides the youthful couple, you sense their aggravation. We have all, noticed them or faced neighbours and despised them.

    Sunny sets out to fix the crime of a automobile theft and he has a group of friends for help. The children are a treat to watch – not only are they really genuine and real in their action, they are not additionally offered all the screenspace needed to exhibit their gift by Sniff.

    It is Khushmeet who appears as the best, while the cast makes for a background – his innocent presence creates a feeling that makes us want to think each and every scene.

    However, Sniff does not make us laugh even though clear attempts to achieve that. There are a few moments – largely when only the children are at the frame – that provide a smile to your own face however no laugh-out-loud minutes. Despite an interesting narrative the story of Gupte is lost in execution.

    Sniff is not overly engaging since Gupte indulges a little too much at the side characters that takes away the attention and limelight from Sunny although there are a number of moments that warm our hearts.

    Sniff is not just for children, a light-hearted movie. You could relive your childhood and that is not a bad deal.