How to become a Nigerian movie Actor or Actress

how to become a nigerian movie actor
Many Nigerian youth as the question of how to become a Nigerian Nollywood actress every day. And I must tell you it is pretty easier than you think. Nollywood is the Nigerian Entertainment industry. Everyday questions such as how can i become a Nollywood actress are asked many times. And because of how serious and anxious people are to join, it has created a means for looting interested individuals.
Many Nigerians have fallen victim of rape, online scam, loot and more from frudsters who claim to help. They ceased the opportunity as a means to satisfy their own selfish desires. This fraudlent act is carried out both on the internet and offline. Many young beautiful Nigerian ladies fall prey of rape, kidnap, and more. As they try to find their way into the Nigerian Movie industry. This article is meant to illuminate you to become a Nigerian movie Actor or Actress.

Questions Many Young Nigerians Ask

  • how can i be a Nollywood actress
  • how can i become a Nollywood actress
  • how can i become a Nigerian actress
  • how to become an actress in Nollywood
  • how to become a Nigerian movie actor
  • how to become a Nollywood actor or actress
With the help of this article, I’ll answer all the questions above. Nigerian Youths who are seeking for shortcuts on how to be an actress in Nollywood, this article will be of no help to you. The process of becoming a movie-star is simple and easy just don’t be in a hurry. If you got the talent and what it takes to be a movie-star, what should stop you from achieving your dream?
Opportunities associated with being a Nigerian Actor or Actress.
Before we discuss how you can gain a sit in the Nigerian Entertainment industry – Nollywood. Lets talk discuss abit on the opportunities associated. Becoming part of the Nigerian entertainment industry comes with lots of goodies. No wonder every Young Nigerian once dreamth of becoming a Nigerian movie star.

Earnings From the Industry

Below are what you should should gain after becoming a part of the Nollywood Family.
The Nigerian movie industry ranks third among other movie industries in the world. It is expected of Nigerian actors to earn big in the industry. An average Nollywood actor or actress earn about N100k – N500k per role while actors and actresses with big names in the industry, earn about N1m to N5m.
The earnings also depends on the movie (name and production budget). Movies are released daily and as an upcoming star actor or actress. If you earn N100k after playing ten roles you get N1m.
The more famous you become the higher your earnings. To make it long in the industry, first do not focus on the income, your focus should be on the role you are playing. Playing your roles well would get you more acting opportunities, fame and cash.
Money can also be made from endorsing a product, contracts and advertisements. But this opportunity is open to popular actors and actresses in the industry.

Celebrity Lifestyle

There are much lots of attractive and fascinating way of life that comes with being a movie star. This is not only experienced in the Nigerian industry alone but all over the world. The door is now opened to visit many places around the globe. There are shows restricted to celebrity, therefore to be an actress in Nollywood is really da bomb. That’s not all as you can attend big shows around the world, meet other actors and people you dream to meet, etc.
That’s not all, other attractive aspects include awards, red carpets, and more. People (fans) will want to know more about ysoore following you on social media.

Opportunity in politics.

Many Nollywood actor get a place in politics both in the State and National levels. This was as a result of the popularity they’ve gained as an actor in the entertainment industry. As an actor or actress, not only the general public sees you perform on Television. Men in authority (top government officials and policy makers) also and the way you speak and react counts alot. The way you act and express tells a lot about you, so to become an actress in Nollywood you should look into it.

Requirements to become a Nigerian Actor or Actress

Now that you know the opportunities open to actors in the country, lets move to the day’s topic. The question everyone should be asking by now is this,
How do I gain entry into the entertainment industry as an actor or actress?

You must Posses the Talent of Acting

It is not only to say i want to become a Nollywood actress. Talent is like your greatest weapon. Gaining entry into the industry is not the main deal what matters most is your Talent(s). Many actors and actresses don’t make it to the top after because they lack the acting talent.
In-fact many Nigerian Youths think acting is easy and should be their second choice in case their plans doesn’t work out. If that’s what you’ve been thinking you are advised to change the way you think. Since money and fame are involved everyone wants to give it a shot but it doesn’t work that way.
How to know if you got the acting talent.
Acting is basically trying to take the role of what or who you are not. According the definition of Acting by Wikipedia
Acting is an activity in which a story is told by means of its enactment by an actor or actress who adopts a character.
Since adopting a character is involved this you should ask yourself;
1. Can I pretend to be who am not without people noticing?
2. Can I switch characters during different circumstance?
3. Can I interpret people’s attitude the way they do without putting much effort?
If your answers to the above questions remain positive, you may go ahead to give it a try. Do not think you’ll adapt once the job is yours because you’ll end up loosing it. To be a Nollywood actor or actress you must be convinced that it is in born not to be adopted. Acting is not a one time thing, you must have discovered it earlier either personally or by people around.
 how do i become a nollywood actressAttend auditions, during auditions spotting your talents becomes easier and faster. You have the opportunity to show your talents to the directors or producers during the audition. Make sure you go for legitimate auditions avoid gaining entrance through means you’ll later regret in the nearest future. Don’t look for shortcuts as the position we’ll still be yours is you got what it takes. To be a Nollywood actor or actress you need to go for auditions as Producers and directors can easily spot you.

Register under a Talent Agency

If you are sure you posses talent in acting, try registering under a legitimate Talent Agency in the country. You’ll get tested and picked if you got it in you. Most Talent agencies in the country requireregistration fees. If acting is not your calling, why waste resources doing what won’t benefit you?
You are not the only person interested in acting. Millions of Nigerians also believe they got what it takes just as you do. Your only chance of making it in the industry is your exceptional talent.
Beauty,sexy looks,sexual appeal, Criminal looks, height, Complexion are often considered as talents in Nollywood.

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