‘The Walking Dead’ Mid-Season Finale: Negan Killed [SPOILER]! Here’s How They Filmed That Gory and Gut-Wrenching Scene

WARNING: when you have not viewed tonight’s Mid Season climax of The Walking Dead, depart instantly since we’re going to leak our guts on exactly what occurred and just why [SPOILER] was murdered!

Tonight’s Mid Season climax of The Walking Dead was full of stomach-wrenching deaths — actually.

As all his greatest Suburbanite dreams cheerfully resided out in Rick’s house, the conniving ideas of citizen disrupted his happiness Monroe.

Spencer, who had been decided to appeal his method into Negan’s great graces, proceeded to talk about a glass of scotch along with a sport of swimming using the Saviors’ vicious chief, all while attempting to persuade Negan that Ron and “his ego” must no further maintain cost of the neighborhood. Regrettably for Spencer, Negan didn’t consider also generously for this work of insubordination that is sly.

After record off all the explanations why Ron will stay in cost of Alexandria, his attention switched to Spencer. “And subsequently there’s you. “The man who waited so he might slip around to become eliminated and keep in touch with me to obtain me to complete his function that is filthy, therefore Rick’s location could be taken by him. Therefore I’ve gotta request, if you like to consider over, why don’t you simply destroy Ron oneself and simply take over?”

With no second of doubt, their own query was responded by Negan. “It’s since you got no guts explained before revealing his intestines to determine and quickly chopping available Spencer’s belly.

It had been gasp and gory -deserving second — and today we all know all the behind-the- secrets of it had been completed! Austin Nichols halted by Speaking Lifeless on Saturday evening and told sponsor Chris Hardwick how that soft demise was delivered to existence on-set.


Nichols revealed that it had been “really fun” to take his Walking Dead demise, but he was truly worried that his co star Jeffrey Dean Morgan was heading screw up as soon as and hurt him for actual.

Since Jeffrey needed to really stab me having a razorblade “They needed to develop this torso dish, the actor that was ” stated. “They set a razorblade about the end-of a half blade and that I was really truly scared within the picture, since I had been frightened he was actually likely to cope with the torso dish and really stab me.”

Fortunately, no stars were injured within the recording of the picture and Morgan could topple it . And struck the spot nailed it [the heart] all dropped out completely. It had been enjoyable that was tremendous Nichols gushed. “I’m really happy with my death. I’m fortunate to possess this type of demise that is fantastic. I’m happy it wasn’t a walk-in the woodlands which it had been Negan which it had been badass.”

Though it’s unfortunate to determine the demise of any Walking Dead figures, Nichols decided that it’s challenging to experience sympathy over that one because of Spencer’s certainly ridiculous and fraudulent conduct this year.

“I invested lots why Spencer continues to be doing things that he’s been performing of moment attempting to determine Nichols described. I’ve that is “And for 2 decades been consuming my very own Kool Aid and attempting to have confidence in what I do. Subsequently, the moment I completed this year, I quit because it aired Atlanta and that I began viewing the display and that I went person is just a douchebag!’” We’ve surely got to agree guy, with you.

Fresh attacks of The Walking Dead may go back to AMC in Feb.

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