Times Films Lost An Lead Actor (But Continued Filming)

There is an old saying in the entertainment industry that “the show must go on” The performance will happen as intended for the crowd. Nothing will stop them, and nobody will be becoming a refund.

There are all kinds of obstacles when trying to produce their masterpiece that a filmmaker faces. Sometimes, script problems financial difficulties, or place difficulties may slow a film’s creation down. There have been tens of thousands. Among the difficult and most frequent problems when filming always requires the cast. Some movies have had their celebrity drop out because of problems with the director or manufacturers. Movies have been thrown by this . However, some filmmakers won’t ever let anything get in their way, not the death of their lead performer.

There have been many movies that lasted filming following the death of the celebrity or a cast member. In some cases, a body twice the manufacturers were forced to utilize CGI, or find other creative approaches to resolve the issue. In fact, several films faced the barrier of losing a significant cast member. Some movies went on to become critically and commercially acclaimed while some were box office bombs. Regardless of the departure, the movie never missed a step. It even caused a delay or might have slowed down a little but the movie got right back on course. Not all movies were as blessed and actually suffered from the reduction. Here’s a look at 15 Films That Lost A Lead Actor (But Continued Filming).

Bruce Lee


The iconic Bruce Lee is widely considered the most influential martial artist. He appeared in several mythical movies, for example  Fists of Fury and Way of the Dragon. Generation of The Game of Death stopped when Lee recognized a role in the famous film   Enter The Dragon. Bruce Lee likely died from a blend of painkillers and died on July 20, 1973. In the first storyline of The Game of Departure, Lee played Hai Tien who is blackmailed into fighting up a pagoda (a 5-floor tower). He faces a challenge on each floor. Following Lee’s death, the storyline revolved and was totally educated around Billy Lo who is compelled to have surgery. Kim Tai-jong and Yuen Biao depicted Billy for most of the film. Lee looks at the end in archive footage. Only 11 minutes and seven seconds of the original footage has been used. TheGame of Death was released on June 9, 1979.

Richard Harris


Richard Harris died following a struggle with Hodgkin’s disease on October 25, 2002. One movie but an whole franchise wasn’t disrupted by his death. At the time of his death, he depicted Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter franchise. He appeared in two movies from the series, The Philosopher‘s Stone (2001) and The Chambers of Keys (2002). Harris had a very long and illustrious career. He’d starred in many unforgettable films, for example  This Sporting Life, Camelot, Unforgiven, and Gladiator. Initially, Harris was to play the role of Dumbledore for the entire Harry Potter Collection. Despite being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s, he was determined to look in the third Harry Potter movie and pleaded against the manufacturers to not re-cast his function. Four months following his death, Michael Gambon has been brought in to take on the role of Dumbledore. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was released on June 4, 2004.

Oliver Reed


The immensely popular movie Gladiator was released on May 5, 2000 to critical acclaim. The movie was praised for writing, its action, and cinematography. It starred Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, and Oliver Reed. During filming because of his scenes, Reed died. Reed turned into a major Hollywood star. He starred in several noteworthy films, for example  Oliver, The Three Musketeers, and Tommy. He died of a heart attack on May 2, 1999. The vast majority of his scenes and this movie were completed so most of the modifications came from the procedure. The post-production firm The Mill, handled the effects for the movie. They employed a body and CGI methods twice to complete the remaining scenes of Reed. Additionally, the script needed to be pinpointed as originally, Reed’s character was to endure but was killed off.

Roy Scheider


Roy Scheider expired on February 10, 2008. He was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2004. In 2005, he had a bone marrow transplant. Eventually, his illness will take his own life. During his career, Scheider emerged in several classic films, for example  The French Bridge, Marathon Man, and Naked Lunch. He’s famous for his portrayal of Police Chief Martin C. Brody in the first real summer blockbuster Jaws and the protagonist, Jaws two. Scheider expired during the filming of his final movie, Iron Cross. The movie has been met with mostly positive reviews. In 2010, it aired during the 26th Boston Film Festival and received a limited launch in 2011. During filming, due to his death, the director had to find out a means. Scenes had not been completed by Scheider. The director used CGI to complete the remaining scenes of Scheider.

Bela Lugosi


Plan 9 From Outer Space is an epic cult movie that is thought to be among the worst films ever made. It has a legacy that lasts to this day. It was the final film of legendary actor Bela Lugosi. It was released on July 22, 1959. Lugosi was famous for his legendary portrayal of Count Dracula from the 1931 movie Dracula. He appeared in the movies The Dark Cat and Son of Frankenstein. Later, he became great friends with director Ed Wood, and they took hours of footage for no particular project. Bela Lugosi died of a heart attack. In 59, Wood completed his movie Strategy 9 and included a number of the footage he’d taken of Lugosi. It was unconnected to the movie but it was Wood’s way of handing him one final movie and paying tribute.

John Chocolate


In the 80’s and early 90’s, comedian John Candy has been among the greatest stars in Hollywood. He’s well-known because of his character as Del Griffith in the critically-acclaimed John Hughes movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles. He appeared in many other memorable films such as   Stripes, Spaceballs, Uncle Buck, Home Alone, and Cool Runnings. He died of a heart attack on March 4, 1994 while shooting the movie Wagons East! . The movie was released 5 months following his death on August 26, 1994, and also co-starred comic Richard Lewis. He died 6 days before they had completed they needed to make adjustments, shooting. In order to manage the departure of Candy, the script needed to be rewritten. Additionally, to complete the movie, they found special effects and a stand-in. Upon it’s launch, the movie was criticized and become a box office bomb.

Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn Monroe is a pop culture icon whose heritage has exceeded time. She appeared in several famous films such as   Bus Stop, Some Like It Hot, and The Seven Year Itch. She was also famous with substance abuse, addiction, and depression. She expired from an overdose of barbiturates on August 5, 1962. Her death happened during the filming of Something’s GotId Offer. The movie had already had several problems involving Monroe. Prior to being rehired, she was tricky to utilize and was fired. Following her death, the movie was left handed. At a swimming pool wearing a flesh-colored underside, Monroe is observed in one particular scene. Had the movie been completed, it’d have been the first movie to include a nude Egyptian celeb. The footage was eventually released but as part of a 2001 documentary, Marilyn: Something’s GotId Offer.

Vic Morrow


Twilight Zone: The Movie was released on June 24, 1983. It starred Vic Morrow, Dan Aykroyd, Albert Brooks, along with John Lithgow. However, the movie is best remembered. Morrow was famous for his role from the 1960’s TV series Combat! . He died on July 23, 1982 while filming a dangerous helicopter stunt at night. Both children worked as children and weren’t allowed to work at night. The scene required Morrow to carry the 2 children across a river while still. The helicopter was caused by an ancient detonation of explosives. This resulted in highly-publicized and lengthy trial. The section was rewritten with a new ending, and the 2 children were taken out of the movie.

Jean Harlow


Jean Harlow has been among the largest Hollywood celebrities in the 1930’s. She starred in several classic movies such as   Hells Angels, Red Dust, and Dinner at Eight. She died on June 7, 1937, from kidney failure in the middle of shooting her closing movie, Saratoga. She had several health issues. She struggled during undergoing abdominal pain and whined about feeling nauseous, tired, and filming. Initially, the studio needed to replace Harlow. However, her fans were outraged over the concept of replacing the actress. 90% of this movie had been completed, so adjustments were made to complete the movie without Harlow. Furthermore scenes were shot using her body twice, Mary Dees. Saratoga was published less than two months following her death July 23, 1937. It’d go one to be among the movies of this year.

River Phoenix


Black Blood was previewed for the first time to a private audience at the Netherland Film Festival on September 27, 2012. It starred River Phoenix, Jonathan Pryce, and Judy Davis. Filming started in 1993. However, because of Phoenix’s death, the movie would not be completed or published for the following 19 decades. River appeared in several popular movies, including   Stand With Me, Running on Empty, and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. At the time of his shocking death, he was among the most famous celebrities in Hollywood. He expired at the age of 23 from a drug overdose. 80% of Black Blood had been filmed but several interior scenes still demanded shooting. Generation stopped and November of 1993 destroyed the movie. The movie was eventually published in 2012, after making changes and re-editing. Director George Sluizer provided narration for 4-6 scenes that were overlooking. The Phoenix family did not take part in the completing of Black Blood.

Brandon Lee


Bruce Lee, his dad was followed by Brandon Lee, in the entertainment industry. He appeared in the movies Legacy of Rage, Showdown in Little Tokyo, and Quick Fire. The cult vintage  The Crow  was released May 13, 1994 to positive reviews. This could be Lee’s most memorable and final function. Lee expired on after being shot while shooting a scene to the movie. There were several mistakes made in relation to sterile rounds and this revolver. Lee was taken in the abdomen and was rushed into the hospital. Lee had three times and had ceased shooting the vast majority of his moments. The movie went on a hiatus rewrite this script and to be able to produce adjustments. Furthermore, Chad Stahelski, Lee’s stunt double, stood in for him, and CGI has been used to superimpose Lee’s face.

Philip Seymour Hoffman


Philip Seymour Hoffman is widely regarded among the finest performers of his generation. He won an Academy Award for his critically-acclaimed portrayal of Truman Capote in the 2005 movie Capote. He appeared in several memorable films such as   Boogie Nights, The Big Lebowksi, and Magnolia. He also depicted Plutarch Heavensbeen at the Hunger Games Collection. He expired from an apparent drug overdose on February 2, 2014. He was discovered with a syringe in his arm, and prescription pills and medications were discovered in his apartment. He died during filming of the final installment from the Hunger Games Collection. He had completed filming all of his scenes that were major and was in the middle of shooting his final scene. He’d two additional scenes to take and instead of using CGI or stand-insthat they rewrote his small appearances to be removed by the final scenes. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part two was released on November 20, 2015.

Natalie Wood


The science-fiction movie Brainstorm was released on September 30, 1983. It starred Natalie Wood, Christopher Walken, and Louise Fletcher. It failed at the box office and received mixed reviews but is most well known for being Natalie Wood movie. Actually, she died under mysterious circumstances during a break in filming. Wood emerged in several well known movies, including   Miracle on 34th Street, Rebel Without A Cause, and Splendor in the Grass. Wood expired on November 28, 1981 while on a boat trip with husband Robert Wagner and Walken. Her body was discovered only one mile from the ship. The initial cause of death was “accident drowning and hypothermia” however, it was later amended to “drowning and undetermined conditions.” Due to Wood’s departure and fiscal problems, Brainstorm closed down production. So it required some understanding of this script, Wood had completed most of her scenes. Furthermore, Lana Wood, Natalie’s younger sister, has been utilized in to help complete the movie.

Heath Ledger


The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus was released on January 8, 2010. It starred Heath Ledger, Christopher Plummer, Lily Cole, and Andrew Garfield. Ledger depicted a man called Tony. Production was postponed through filming following Ledger death. He died from an accidental intoxication from prescription medication on January 22, 2008. Ledger was famous for his roles in many memorable films, including   10 Things I Hate About You, Lords of Dogtown, and Brokeback Mountain. His death happened during the editing procedure for The Black Knight but during filming of Doctor Parnassus. Posthumously, Ledger won an Academy award for his chilling performance as The Joker in The Dark Knight. Filming to The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus eventually countered using a creative solution for the reduction of Ledger. As he travels through the fantasy world Tony’s physical appearance changes. Colin Farrell, Jude Law, also Johnny Depp were all cast as Tony at different points in the film.

Paul Walker


Fast & Furious 7 was released on April 3, 2015 and starred Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, and Michelle Rodriguez. However, release of this movie was postponed following the death of Paul Walker during filming. Walker starred in many movies throughout his career, including   She’s‘s All That, Varsity Blues, and Running. Walker is best known for portraying Brian O’Conner in The Fast and Furious franchise. During his lifetime, Walker appeared in half the franchises movies. Paul Walker expired in one vehicle crash on November 30, 2013. Furious 7 stopped filming and went to an indefinite hiatus after Walker’s death. Rewrote the script to have him retire rather and also the manufacturers decided not to kill his character off. Peter Jackson’s Weta Digital visual effects home had been brought in to reestablish his likeness to complete the unfinished movie. Assist complete the film and Walker’s brothers were brought in to serve as stand-ins.

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